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Marine Salon Door
Long-distance air supply ability (up to eight meters).
Generates a  multi-angle air flow.
Make sure that the condensate water to be discharg-ed in time.
Long service life:8 years.
Made of 316L stainless steel and other anticorrosive materials.
Adopting imported transistors and the light emitted  is stable.
We provide spare parts and configuration scheme for customers who buy Marine independent air co-nditioning unit. Like seawater pump, sea  strainer and so on.
Made of 316L stainless steel, can resist corrosion.
Adopting tempered glass, the door is reliable and safe.
The automatic alignment pins prevent slippage of the door.
Ten years focused on Marine Equipment manufacturing

As some manufactuing enterprises are gradually transferring their manufacture  bases to China,we take China as our base and seize the opportunity to give full   play to our strength in research and development,we take the advantage of low labor costs and supporting manufacturing facilities in China and strive to   beco-me a competitive supplier of yacht equipment in the world within a decade.

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